Emily Woltmann, PhD

Research Area Specialist


Emily Woltmann is a Research Area Specialist for the University of Michigan Medical School’s Department of Learning Health Sciences. She joined the department in 2022, bringing over twelve years of experience in the field of mental health services research. She is currently assisting with data management and analysis for the DECIPHeR project, which is testing implementation strategies to increase the uptake of interventions to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in people living with serious mental illness. 

Emily began her career as a research associate at the Ann Arbor VA’s Center for Clinical Management Research, helping to implement a variety of projects aiming to improve care for people living with serious mental illness. She most recently was an assistant professor at Washington University’s Brown School before taking a career pause. Her research has focused on how workforce issues affect implementation of evidence-based practices in the community mental health setting, as well as using electronic decision support systems to facilitate shared decision making between mental health consumers and providers. She holds a PhD from the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, a master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan, and an undergraduate degree in Biology and Sociology from Alma College. 

Areas of Interest

Emily has experience in the full project lifecycle of randomized controlled trials of health services interventions, with a particular focus on using qualitative and mixed methods to inform the development and testing of implementation science interventions. She also has an interest in tools and technologies to help elevate the voices of people living with chronic conditions within the health care system.  

Published Articles or Reviews

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