Geoffrey Siwo

Geoffrey Siwo, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Learning Health Sciences
Research Associate, Michigan Center for Global Health Equity


The research of Geoffrey Siwo, PhD, integrates fundamental biology with computational approaches such as AI and systems biology to drive equitable advances in drug discovery and clinical medicine. Previously, he was a research assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame and, a research scientist at IBM Research Africa and the IBM TJ Watson Research Center. He has served as founder of several technology companies including Anza Biotechnologies and Helix Nanotechnologies, and as advisor to Saguaro Capital Management and Immusoft Corporation.

Areas of Interest

Research and scholarly interests

  • Accelerating fundamental biological research using knowledge and hypothesis driven approaches alongside computational techniques, for example artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to advance the development of programmable therapeutics such as RNA medicines and gene editing therapeutics 
  • Integrating insights from high throughput omic datasets and electronic health records (EHR) with fundamental biological concepts to enable equitable advances in drug discovery, precision medicine and global health equity
  • Development of conceptual frameworks and computing platforms for accelerating responsible biomedical research and discovery across scales and environments, using state-of-art computing technologies, architectures and collaboration frameworks to enhance global health equity

Subject matter expertise: Genomic medicine, systems biology, RNA science, drug discovery, innate immunity, cancer biology, global health, AI/machine learning, natural language processing (NLP)

Other professional highlights

  • Research Scout, Michigan Medicine 
  • Founder, Anza Biotechnologies
  • Advisory Board Member, Saguaro Capital Management
  • Previously, Research Scientist IBM Research Africa & IBM TJ Watson Research Center
  • Previously, Research Assistant Professor University of Notre Dame
  • Served as co-founder of several startups including Helix Nanotechnologies & advisor to Immusoft Corporation
  • Fellow of TED & the Next Einstein Forum

Published Articles or Reviews