Gurjit Sandhu

Gurjit Sandhu, PhD

Associate Professor
Education Research Sciences Collaborative
Department of Surgery and Learning Health Sciences

2207 Taubman Center


Administrative Contact

Hadley Stoll, 734-615-7052


Dr. Gurjit Sandhu is a Surgical Education Scientist, Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery. Dr. Sandhu completed her B.A. in 1996 from the University of British Columbia, Canada and earned her PhD in 2006 from Queen's University, Canada. She was the Educational Developer for Postgraduate Medical Education at Queen's University before joining the faculty at the University of Michigan in November 2013.

Dr. Sandhu's research concentrates on progressive entrustment and graduated autonomy in surgical education. More broadly, her work focuses on the scholarship of teaching and learning, specifically looking at professional education, teaching methods and assessment. Dr. Sandhu also uses her strengths as a qualitative researcher to support her work on social accountability in medical education, health equity and disparities, and global health.

Published Articles or Reviews

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