October 29, 2018

Praise Study Given Community Partner Award

On October 27, 2018 the Praise 2 Diabetes Study was among four recipients of the City of Zion Community Partner Award

Gretchen Piatt, PhD, MPH, director of the study accepted the award a banquet held that evening. “We are extremely honored to have received the City of Zion Community Partnership Award." said Piatt, "It is through the dedication of Denise Freeman, Keisha Taylor, and Pastor Thomas at City of Zion, that we are able to help the parishioners and members of the Toledo community with diabetes.”

The Praise 2 Study works with African American churches in urban areas to help diabetes patients manage their disease.

Gretchen A. Piatt, MPH, PhD

Associate Chair for Education Programs
Associate Professor of Learning Health Sciences
Associate Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education
Associate Director of the Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems (HILS) Program