March 20, 2020

Loss of a Beloved Educator

DLHS joint faculty member Kent J. Sheets, PhD, passed away Monday, March 16, 2020

Kent J. Sheets, Ph.D.

Dr. Sheets, Professor Family Medicine and Learning Health Sciences, was a beloved educator and valued part of the DLHS family.  Dr. Larry Gruppen, former chair of DLHS and director of the Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE) program, describes him as "the quintessential educator" who was integral to the success of MHPE.  

He had a hand in development, implementation and evaluation of many of the department's educational programs for students and faculty. Not only known nationally for his pioneering work in faculty development, he was also well-regarded throughout Michigan Medicine. He will be warmly remembered at DLHS for his wise counsel, good-natured wit and insightful approach to problem-solving.  

Dr. Sheets passed away from complications following coronary surgery, his obituary can be found in the Ann Arbor News. The Department of Family Medicine marks his loss as well and has set up remembrance page to share thoughts and tributes.