Sustainability for Mobilization and Inclusion

Chris Dymek, Co-Chair
Jerry Perry, Co-Chair
University of Arizona

The Sustainability and Inclusion Workgroup seeks to mobilize diverse stakeholders in an ongoing and active engagement around the value proposition of computable biomedical knowledge (CBK).  We envision the creation and perpetuation of a robust CBK ecosystem that encourages public-private partnerships, supports open standards, generates value for users, and engenders equity. 

We will focus on communications and engagement with stakeholders as a necessary prerequisite in order to establish an equitable and FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) CBK ecosystem, and we will promote its value as a tangible and empowering benefit for all stakeholders. Our work lies largely through promoting the value proposition of CBK creation, use, curation, deployment and assessment. 


  • Identify and engage with stakeholders representing all aspects of CBK, to ensure that their voices and perspectives are included.
  • Build momentum around CBK through communications strategies and outreach.
  • Discern where there are vulnerabilities or gaps in knowledge and communication that function as barriers to accelerating creation, use and deployment of CBK.
  • Investigate and prioritize opportunities to collaborate with existing networks, communities and resources to advance CBK, the ecosystem we wish to create, and value promotion of CBK for the stakeholder communities with which we partner.
  • Consciousness raise in order to ensure that CBK assets do not perpetuate discrimination or bias that results in adverse impacts on or the exclusion of populations or defined groups in community.
  • Understand the current MCBK landscape.
  • Identify opportunities within the landscape that have the greatest effect in supporting the growth of the MCBK movement.
  • Develop actionable and tangible opportunities to expand the MCBK community.


  • “Creator” communities, including professional societies, accrediting bodies, entrepreneurs and businesses;
  • “Hosting and Dissemination” communities, including publishers, libraries and commercial brokerages;
  • “Consumer” communities, including healthcare providers and clinical care delivery systems, and healthcare provider and consumer advocacy organizations; and,
  • “Funding” communities, including Federal, charitable, philanthropic, association-based, and for-benefit entities that support innovation and equity in healthcare.
  • “Industry Vendor” communities engaged in the commodification of CBK and who may also function in creator, hosting, dissemination and funding roles.

These communities are not mutually exclusive and there is necessarily overlap in areas of engagement and activity.

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