Learning Health Sciences

Revolutionizing Learning, Transforming Health 

The University of Michigan Medical School Department of Learning Health Sciences is a basic science department focused on the sciences that make learning effective, routine, efficient and scalable. Learning is no longer seen as an activity with a single endpoint, but rather as the product of a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement that can become a culture unto itself. The work we do supports the science behind this cycle.

We are the first basic science department in the nation focused on the study and practice of learning not just by individuals, but for groups, organizations, regions, states and even entire nations. To support learning at these levels of scale, we engage a unique community of scientists with wide-ranging expertise, including biomedical informatics, behavior change, organizational change theory, systems science, quality and performance improvement methods, translational research, bioethics, educational assessment and evaluation, pedagogical innovation and clinical simulation.

As a department, we collaborate across disciplines to achieve three main goals:

Our research programs generate new knowledge that can enhance learning at all levels of scale;

Our educational programs train new researchers and practitioners who apply the sciences of learning;

Our service programs help health systems transform into learning health systems and advance health professions education.

Advancing Innovation




March 20, 2018
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Learning Health System (LHS) Collaboratory

12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Michigan League, Hussey Room

The U-M Department of Learning Health Sciences the Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation and Office of Research welcome participants from across the university to the LHS Collaboratory: a hub for advancing interdisciplinary research and development of learning health systems at U-M.