The research experience of the University of Michigan Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine Fellowship program is second to none. Giving the fellow a good research experience is a major priority.

Despite only having a year, fellows are exposed to a multitude of opportunities to collaborate on projects or create a new project that is feasible to complete in one year. Even if your career plans may not include research, this experience helps with team-building, knowledge acquisition, interpretation of studies, and bolsters your CV.

The University of Michigan Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine Program is involved in many ongoing studies and is the coordinating center for the Cancer Rehabilitation Metrics Consortium. Here, you will be exposed to cutting-edge rehabilitation and oncology research, with the potential to work with investigators in many departments and/or parts of the larger university (for example, the School of Kinesiology).

As a fellow, the faculty will sculpt an individualized program tailored to your interests and provide mentorship designed to help you succeed.

Below are publications generated by alumni during their fellowship training year (does not list publications under review):

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