In keeping with the University of Michigan’s reputation as a leading academic institution, the PM&R Resident Research Program is designed to be productive and rewarding for residents with all levels of prior research experience. Prospective residents will find the program flexible and supportive with expert faculty willing to tailor the experience to their unique interests and prior research experience. 

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Strengths and Features

Dual Mentorship: residents work closely with both Clinical Faculty Mentors and Research Faculty Mentors. Dual Mentorship ensures that resident research is patient-centered, methodologically sound and ready to bridge the gap from bench to bedside.

Institutional Resources: here at U of M, residents have access to powerful institutional resources, including data analytics, as well as personnel and funding to help them access data, implement research and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Presentations: residents have the opportunity to present their projects at two annual research events-- James Rae Scientific Day and Theodore Cole Resident Research Day-- and are encouraged to submit abstracts to national conferences, including AAPM&R.

Protected Time: two research rotations (1 month each) are provided so that residents may focus on completing their projects away from clinical duties.

Leadership Opportunity: The position of Resident Research Lead is awarded annually to a senior resident who has demonstrated a special commitment to advancing the culture of resident research at U of M PM&R. The Resident Research Lead works closely with co-residents and faculty to ensure program quality, provides peer-mentoring to underclassmen and presents at least one research-based lecture during senior year.

  • Current Resident Research Lead (2020-2021): Stephan Pirnie, MD, PhD PGY4 Email: Please feel free to contact Steve with any questions you might have about the resident research experience at U of M PM&R.
  • Past Resident Research Leads: Trent Hall, DO (2018-2019), Brendan McNeish, MD & Stephan Pirnie, MD, PhD (2019-2020)


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