Run by Professionals

UMAISE sports programs are designed, organized, and run by the health professionals of Michigan Medicine’s Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Our staff members understand how bodies move and work in the athletic world. Our event volunteers, supervised under these professionals, come from organizations that are familiar to the University of Michigan family. When needed, we also have opportunity to bring in other specialists to enhance the use of sports equipment or host clinics. 

Utilizing Local Resources

From a towering walnut tree in a local park, to the calm waters at Gallup Park's accessible boat launch, to the welcoming gym of an Ann Arbor church, we utilize local resources to house our adaptive sports programs in the community where our participants live. We hope this will allow participants to participate regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Affordable Access to Athletics

UMAISE recognizes that making sports accessible to all people includes making it affordable to all people. Providing access to sports experiences without additional financial burdens on participants and families is important to us. We strive to cover as much of the cost of the experience as possible through generous donors and other University of Michigan resources.

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