Therapy Education

Clinical and Fieldwork Training for Students enrolled in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Recreation Programs

Placements are coordinated by the Site Coordinator for Clinical Education and are completed ONLY via direct contact from the academic program.  Students are not able to initiate requests for clinical or fieldwork placements.  Please contact the academic coordinator for your program for more information.

Questions regarding Clinical and Fieldwork Training for PT and OT at Michigan Medicine? 

All Therapeutic Recreation Internships slots are filled for summer 2021.  We are not accepting applications for fieldwork or internships in Therapeutic Recreation at this time.

Internship experiences are not available for students who are not enrolled in a graduate program.

Therapy Residency and Fellowship Programs

Post professional occupational therapy and physical therapy training programs are on hold until at least July 2021.  The Cohort scheduled to start in 2020 has been filled and is awaiting resuming of programming until after July 2021.

Questions regarding Therapy Residency and Fellowship programs?

Job Shadowing and Observations

Due to the pandemic and visitor policy, job shadowing or observations are not available in any hospitals or outpatient clinics. 

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Updated 12/3/2020