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See the impact of our programs, faculty and patients within the community. (The ideas expressed do not necessarily represent the views of Michigan Medicine or the Department of PM&R).  

Dr. Aagesen & Dr. Eckner - 3 Reasons to Improve Your Core Strength - 10/2021

Dr. Nelson - Teen with disabilities reaches for her dreams (MegaDoctorNews, 9/2021)

Dr. Kelly - Michael’s Michigan Answer: A Prosthetic Leg Built for Speed (Michigan Answers, 8/2021)

Dr. Hearn receives AANEM's 2021 Scientific Impact Award (AANEM News, 7/2021)

Dr. Kalpakjian - Focusing on the woman, not just the disability, could improve reproductive care (MHealthLab, 7/2021)

Dr. Daunter - Teenage Ski Racer Walks Again  (MHealth Lab 7/2021)

Drs. Daunter, Danko, Bowman, Claflin, Kratz - Impact of COVID-19 on Function (MHealthLab, 5/2021)

Dr. Danko - Q&A with Dr. Danko - St. Joe's Mercy Chelsea Inpatient Rehabilitation (Sun Times News 5/2021)

Dr. Startup - Why Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation is Key to Getting Back Home (MHealthLab 5/2021) 

Dr. Hearn - Sandra Hearn, MD, Receives 2021 Surinderjit Singh Young Lectureship Award (AANEM News 3/2021)

Dr. Okanlami - ‘Disability is not inability’: Michigan’s Adaptive Sports and Fitness Program strives to assert itself (The Michigan Daily, 11/2020)

Dr. Tinney - Adapting Common Fall Sports for People with Disabilities (MHealthLab 10/2020)

Dr. Smith - Senior Covid-19 patients suffer 'brain fog' in drawn-out recovery (CNN 10/2020)

Dr. Hearn - Teaching Medical Students How to Care for People with Disabilities (MHealthLab 10/2020)

Dr. Okanlami  -

          About Disproportionate Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Those with Disability (Twitter Link to MSNBC News 10/2020)

          About Equity of Rights and the ADA (MSNBC News 10/2020)

          COVID-19: A Disaster for People with Disabilities (USA Today 7/2020)

          30 years after ADA, inaccessibility persists for the disabled (PBS NewsHour 7/2020)

          Americans with Disabilities Act turns 30 years old (CBS News 7/2020)

          Disabled Doctor Says There's More to Do 30 Years After Americans With Disabilities Act (CheddarTV 7/2020)

          Covid-19 deaths higher in those with disabilities (MSNBC News 7/2020)

          Identity and Inclusion during COVID-19 (TEDx Wrigleyville 6/2020)

Dr. Claflin -  Staying in Motion at Home during COVID-19 (MHealthLab 5/2020)

Dr. Hearn - Member Spotlight, American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM) -page 17 - (AANEM Edge Winter 2020)

Dr. Tinney - Power of Adaptive Sports (MHealthLab 12/2019)

Dr. Hearn - Walking Along the River: Tomorrow and Today (Authored Editorial in The Physiatrist Winter 2019 Edition, Newsletter of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R); posted with permission)

Michigan Medicine PM&R Across the Country (Department News, 12/2019)

Dr. Hurvitz - Connections Made at AAPMR Last a Lifetime (Doximity OpEd, 11/2019)

Regaining Function with Video Games (MHealthLab 7/2019)

Dr. Smith – Mobile Cancer Rehab Program Helps Patients Get Stronger (MHealthLab 10/2018)

Dr. Okanlami - Doctors With Disabilities Push For Culture Change In Medicine (NPR Article 8/2018)

Dr. Haapala - In Marriage and Physical Therapy, Couple with Cerebral Palsy Share Strength (MHealthLab 2/2018)

Wheelchair Basketball a Slam Dunk for Kids with Disabilities (MHealthLab 12/2017)

Kayak, Camp, Ski: Adaptive Sports Clinics Help Kids with Disabilities Get Active (MHealthLab 7/2017)

Dr. Hurvitz and Pediatric Rehab Group - PM&R Patient’s Hard Work Rewarded at the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ (MHealthLab 5/2017)

Dr. Hurvitz – Exercise Guidelines for Cerebral Palsy Patients (MHealthLab 7/2016)

Dr. Smith – How Physiatrists Help Cancer Patients During Recovery (MHealthLab 7/2016)

Dr. Okanlami – Disabusing Disability: A Doctor’s Paralyzing Injury Brings New Perspective (MHealthLab 7/2016)

Drs. Smith and Gabel - Former Boxer Gives Brain Tumor a Counterpunch (MHealthLab 6/2016)

Dr. Kaufman - Hockey Players with Disabilities Show ‘They’re Not So Fragile’ (MHealthLab 6/2016)

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