At the heart of our program are PM&R residents and faculty motivated to provide outstanding care for a wide variety of patients, including those with complex needs.

As a residency, we engage in and embrace challenges, work together to solve problems, teach and mentor one another, and provide excellent, tailored care for patients and families.

Alongside diverse faculty and colleagues, we learn the process of scientific inquiry and develop skills of lifelong learners.

Bringing their own unique backgrounds, interests, and contributions to our professional environment, each one of our residents enriches the lives of patients and colleagues here.

Our Leadership Model Empowers Faculty to Teach

Our unique Educational Leadership model empowers subject-specific faculty educators to develop programs and lead teaching in their own milieus.   Resident experiences - from didactics through clinical experiences- are built by experts in the sub-fields.  This model enables faculty with subspecialty clinical expertise and a passion for teaching to build a curriculum around the unique opportunities and challenges in their clinical setting. 

Our Educational Leadership Model

A team of Department Educational Faculty Leads works with the core residency Program Director (PD) group to direct educational initiatives in their clinical areas of expertise (SCI, stroke, etc.). Leads integrate educational experiences in their clinical areas, with the goal of creating a comprehensive educational environment. They:

  • Lead their portions of residency curriculum (didactic, clinical and independent readings as well resident assessment)
  • Integrate evidence-based medicine and critical appraisal of the literature to their portions of the resident curriculum
  • Serve as expert consultants regarding grand rounds
  • Support journal clubs
  • Collaborate with the medical student coordinator to develop and implement goal-directed learning opportunities for medical students gaining exposure to their clinical areas

Our Internal Homepage (the "Gateway") Connects Our Community

The residency Gateway is a centralized hub and home for all residency-related resources. The academic sections are designed by educational faculty leads to complement didactic and clinical experiences, providing a framework and guide as residents explore the field of PM&R and progress their own learning.  Schedules, policies and projects are accessible from a single landing page. Dr. Hearn, the program director, posts quick updates throughout each week to keep everyone abreast of news and opportunities.  

Graduating Residents Pursue Diverse and Often Specialized Career Paths

Graduate Destinations

Among graduates between 2015 and 2023, 59% have pursued fellowships, 26% have entered private/community practice, and 15% have entered an academic position as faculty. 

Fellowship Destinations

Fellowship choices are broadly represented (figure shows fellowship positions between 2015 and 2023). 

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