Lymphedema Program

Lymphema wrapping in clinic
The Lymphedema Program at Michigan Medicine is a National Lymphedema Network (NLN) recognized treatment center.
Lymphedema is the chronic swelling of tissue which may cause increased risk for infection, poor wound healing and pain.  It may also lead to altered function of the limb, impaired ability to participate in activities of daily living and a change in self-image.  Chronic swelling may be the result of cardiovascular disease, organ failure, cancer/cancer treatment, trauma, surgery, or it can be the result of a congenital condition. 
Occupational and physical therapists performing lymphedema management have had specialized training and are certified either by the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA) or certified by various schools from which they received instruction.
Lymphedema/edema management and treatment include:
•  Skin integrity and care
•  Manual lymphatic drainage
•  Bandaging
•  Stretching and tissue mobilization
•  Exercise and functional activity
•  Instruction in self-management techniques
•  Sequential pump use (traditional sequential pump such as Lymphapress or Biocompression,
    Flexitouch, or VES)
•  Compression garment fitting and don/doff instruction
•  Healthy Living including:  sleep hygiene, food selection, posture/positioning, and instruction in risk
    reduction principles.

OT/PT Clinic Sites for Lymphedema Management:

To make an appointment please call (734) 936-7070.                                                                                                    

Burlington Building                                                               
325 E. Eisenhower Pkwy.                                            
Ann Arbor, MI 48108   
Canton Therapy Services                                              
1051 N. Canton Center Rd.                                       
Canton, MI 48187      


Dominos Farm Wound Care Center in Lobby M
2951 Earhart Rd.
Suite 2800
Ann Arbor, MI  48106
Brighton Center for Specialty Care
7500 Challis Rd
Brighton, MI 48116