January 2, 2024

Dr. Daniel Whibley selected for Institute for Health Policy Innovation (IHPI) Emerging Scholars Program

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Whibley for his selection to the Institute for Health Policy Innovation (IHPI) Emerging Scholars Program. This program is designed to provide career development opportunities for IHPI early career faculty via invited presentations at prestigious peer universities. Through the Exchange Program, early career faculty have the opportunity to develop relationships with potential research collaborators, mentors, and sponsors, and hone their oral presentation skills.

Daniel was selected by the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies to present on his work. In exchange, IHPI will receive an emerging scholar from UCSF.  Daniel will present in February or March on the following topics:

Move & Snooze – Developing, testing, and rolling out a hybrid sleep and exercise program for osteoarthritis pain management.

This presentation will describe observational and qualitative research that was undertaken to develop the Move & Snooze intervention, a combined sleep improvement and exercise program for adults with knee osteoarthritis. Feasibility study findings, including qualitative insights will be presented, and the process of setting up the nationwide digitally-delivered trial will be described.

Sleep and next-day fibromyalgia symptom trajectories

This presentation will describe findings from micro-longitudinal studies of associations between sleep variables and next-day pain, fatigue and cognitive function trajectories among people living with fibromyalgia. Putative mechanisms underlying the associations and relevance to patient management and self-management will be discussed.