Collaboratory for Technology, Health and Independence (CTHI)

 The Collaboratory for Technology, Health, and Independence (CTHI) leverages the knowledge and interests of the broader University of Michigan scientific and clinical communities whom share common interest and focus on issues related to disability, health management, independence, and technology. This makes the CTHI uniquely Michigan because of the natural multi-disciplinary collaboration of clinicians and researchers housed within one institution.  CTHI reaches beyond The University of Michigan to form partnerships with community stakeholders. Not only do these partners offer vast expertise and knowledge but the process establishes a more effective cycle of knowledge translation.

The scope of CTHI extends to other research and medical institutions, national and state agencies, and community partners who collaborate on relevant projects. Finally, the aim of the CTHI is to share knowledge and promote an appreciation of the differences in language,  culture, and experience that exists between various disciplines and communities.

The CTHI Mission
CTHI’s mission is to optimize the health and independence of individuals with disabilities across the lifespan. This is achieved through: research; development projects; capacity building; knowledge translation; and most importantly,  focusing on the needs and priorities of individuals with disabilities and their families.

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Dr. Michelle Meade

Michelle A. Meade, PhD

Associate Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Director, Collaboratory for Technology, Health, and Independence
Adult Clinical Psychologist