March 27, 2017

Dr. Peterson Publishes Article With Peking Collaborators

Congratulations to Dr. Mark Peterson for the recent publication,  along with his collaborators from China, of "Low Normalized Grip Strength is a Biomarker for Cardiometabolic Disease and Physical Disabilities Among U.S. and Chinese Adults" in The Journals of Gerontology

From Dr. Peterson: "We demonstrated that low strength capacity, relative to body mass, is robustly associated with physical disabilities and various cardiometabolic disease risk factors in both U.S. and Chinese adults. We are hoping that this will lead to future collaboration on a harmonization project, to examine unique factors that contribute to altered aging trajectories in both populations."

This work was supported by the Behavioral and Social Research division of the National Institute on Aging of the National Institute of Health (grants R01AG037031 and R03AG049144), the Natural Science Foundation of China (grants 71130002, 71450001, 71273237 and 71603013), China Medical Board and Peking University.