August 14, 2017

Come Visit PM&R at Researchpalooza 2017

Researchpalooza brings together more than 75 exhibitors from labs and offices across campus to highlight the stellar services and cutting edge research going on at the medical school. 

CODA staff assembling swag in conference room

With attendance last year topping 3,000, this year's event presents the perfect opportunity for colleagues to learn more about what other departments have to offer in the area of research in an informal and fun setting. Some of the labs and offices represented will include:

• Faculty Development
• Regulatory Affairs
• Nephrology Research
• DNA Sequencing Core
• Research Development
• Grant Review and Analysis
• Center for Bioethics & Social Sciences in Medicine

In addition to ice cream, popcorn, games, and giveaways, there are also grand prizes being offered by the Office of Research such as an iPad, gift cards, and money towards travel and professional development.

PM&R’s Center for Clinical Outcomes Development and Application (CODA) lab staff led the department’s involvement in this year’s event. Researchers from across the department were asked to submit something interesting that is going on in their lab in the form of a question and answer. That information was compiled into a quiz that will be given to those who stop by the booth. Those who take the quiz will be entered to win four $25 Amazon gift cards. 

Regarding CODA’s research, Director Dr. Noelle Carlozzi says, “Our research is unique in that the methods we use to examine functioning and quality of life are applicable across multiple diseases and populations.  This allows us the breadth to study multiple conditions and allows us to partner with other clinical specialties across the University of Michigan to apply these different outcomes measurement approaches.”

Along with Drs. Carlozzi and Kratz, from the CODA lab, Dr. Denise Tate has included information about her research with neurogenic bowel complications and dysfunction after spinal cord injury; Dr. Jane Huggins will be there to talk about her work with Brain-Computer Interface (BCI); Dr. Claire Kalpakjian’s lab will discuss gynecological and reproductive health issues in women with physical disabilities; Dr. Michelle Meade’s lab will be there to discuss their Collaboratory for Technology, Health, and Independence; And from our Rehabilitation Engineering unit, Donn Hilker will be there to demonstrate and discuss what they are doing with virtual reality. (Which we are told will be one of the coolest things to be seen at this year’s Researchpalooza!)

Although each of our researcher’s work is different in methodology and population served, it all aims to ensure that people function as optimally as possible while emphasizing quality of life. There is much to be proud of within PM&R research and we can’t wait to share it all with the greater university community!

Researchpalooza is Wednesday, August 16th from 11:00 – 2:00 in the Circle Drive in front of Med Sci I and we'd love to see you there.