August 20, 2019

PM&R Awarded ARRT Training Grant

Since 1991, the UM Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) has trained nearly two generations of rehabilitation researchers through Advanced Rehabilitation Research and Training (ARRT) Program grants from NIDILRR/NIDRR. Today we received news that this incredible tradition of training will continue with a new investment from NIDILRR of over $840K to fund the UM Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training Program in Community Living and Participation (ARRT-CP). Led by Co-PIs, Drs. Susan Murphy and Anna Kratz,  this program grant will support the training of approximately 6 fellows between 2019-2024.

Anna Kratz, PhD
Dr. Anna Kratz
Dr. Susan Murphy
Dr. Susan Murphy

The overall objectives of the ARRT-CP are to: 1) provide competency-based, person-centered, community-engaged research training in community living and participation in persons with disabilities; 2) provide instruction in state-of-the art measurement and assessment methods to generate new understanding that promotes community living and participation; 3) prepare rehabilitation researchers to conduct research in real-world community-based settings, including home, school, and other environments; 4) foster professional development to prepare fellows for independent rehabilitation research careers; and 5) build productive multi-disciplinary collaborations that will lead to successful careers to address the critical shortage of qualified rehabilitation scientists. 

The fellowship has two immediate openings for research fellow applicants, so please spread the word about this amazing rehabilitation research training opportunity.  Please reach out to Dr. Murphy ([email protected]) or Dr. Kratz ([email protected]) with any questions. 

A tremendous congratulations to Drs. Murphy and Kratz for this award, allowing PM&R to continue its great tradition of rehabilitation research training!

Read more about the grant here>>