October 23, 2019

Dr. Anna Kratz and Collaborators Launch My MS Toolkit

The web-based symptom self-management program that PM&R associate professor Ann Kratz, PhD and her collaborators at the University of Michigan and University of Washington have created for people with MS is now live.


According to their website, "My MS Toolkit was born out of a realization that access to symptom self-management care for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) is extremely limited. To better meet the needs of people with MS, a group of four clinical psychologists – Drs. Kratz, Williams, Ehde, and Alschuler – partnered to develop this web-based, self-guided, symptom self-management program specifically for people living with MS symptoms.

My MS Toolkit is based on a number of existing evidence-based symptom self-management resources, including the telephone-delivered intervention for MS, called “Take Charge”, and the web-based intervention for fibromyalgia symptoms, called “FibroGuide”.  Both Take Charge and FibroGuide have been tested in clinical trials, and have been shown to be effective in reducing the severity and impact of symptoms (see references below).

This work was supported by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, through the Multiple Sclerosis Research Program under Award No. W81XWH 17-1-0367. Opinions, interpretations, conclusions and recommendations are those of the authors and are not necessarily endorsed by the Department of Defense."

To read more about the My MS Toolkit and the team, visit the website at https://mymstoolkit.com/