November 21, 2019

Dr. Sandra Hearn interviews Dr. John Norbury on AANEM Physician Podcast

Dr. Sandra Hearn interviewed Dr. John Norbury on his article, "Ultrasound-Guided Treatment of Peripheral Entrapment Neuropathies."

Dr. Sandra Hearn

The advent of high‐resolution neuromuscular ultrasound (US) has provided a useful tool for conservative treatment of peripheral entrapment mononeuropathies. US‐guided interventions require careful coordination of transducer and needle movement along with a detailed understanding of sonoanatomy. 

Preprocedural planning and positioning can be helpful in performing these interventions. Corticosteroid injections, aspiration of ganglia, hydrodissection, and minimally invasive procedures can be useful nonsurgical treatments for mononeuropathies refractory to conservative care. Technical aspects as well as the current understanding of the indications and efficacy of these procedures for common entrapment mononeuropathies are reviewed in this study.

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