November 5, 2021

Research Associate Rebecca Parten, LMSW has post published by Women Enabled International

Research Area Associate Rebecca Parten, LMSW who has worked in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation since 2014 has had a blog post titled "Becoming Comfortable with the Uncomfortable: Researching Women’s Health Issues for Women with Physical Disabilities" published by Women Enabled International. The post explores her personal experience as a woman with a physical disability and her professional experience working in the area of women's health issues for women with physical disabilities. Congratulations Rebecca!

Rebecca Parten, LMSW works with a variety of researchers and other teams within the department. One such team is the U-M Program for Research on Women's Health and Disability (U-M PROWHD) led by Claire Kalpakjian, PhD, MS. Dr. Kalpakjian is an Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Associate Chair for Research. U-M PROWHD hopes to reduce barriers and empower women with disabilities by conducting research and sharing the results with patients and health care providers.


Photo of Claire Kalpakjian, PhD, MS who is the Associate Professor & Associate Chair of Research for the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation within Michigan Medicine

Claire Kalpakjian, PhD, MS

Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Associate Chair for Research