Medical Physics Residents' Peer Reviewed Publications


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  • Huang, J., Matrosic, C., Lawless, M., Di Maso, L., Miller, J., Evaluation of Deformable Image Registration Accuracy and Its Impact On Dual-Energy CT Images. AAPM Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, July 2019 (SU-L-221CD-2).
  • Turner, L., Matrosic, C., Culberson, W., Oxygen Inhibition of Polymer Gel Dosimeters Through 3D-Printed Plastic Containers of Various Thicknesses. AAPM Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, July 2019 (TH-BC-301-10).


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  • S. Simiele, A. Choi, H. Cho, C. Lee, “A retrospective comparison of TG-43 calculated and heterogeneity-corrected dose distributions for 125I COMS eye plaques,” ePoster, AAPM Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, July 2018 (TU-C1030-GePD-F3-2).


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