Closing Day Presentations


  1. Randi Kudner: Perspectives on the Evolving Standardization Landscape
  2. Carlotta Masciocchi, PhD: The Distributed Ecosystem: A Solution for Developing Privacy- Preserving Predictive Models
  3. Gareth Price: The Practical Implementation of a UK Big Data Research Platform
  4. Matthew Field: Development of a Distributed Machine Learning Software Platform for Big Data Research
  5. Andre Dekker: Distributed Learning At Scale
  6. Reid Thompson, MD, PhD: Breakout Session 1 Summary- Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Enabling Standardizations
  7. John Kang, MD, PhD and Issam El Naqa, PhD: Breakout Session 2 Summary- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Methodologies
  8. Kevyan Farahani, PhD and Ying Xiao, PhD: Breakout Session 3 Summary- Big Data in Imaging Applications
  9. Joe Deasy, PhD: Big Data Should Be In Search of Big Questions

1. Randi Kudner

2. Carlotta Masciocchi, PhD

3. Gareth Price

4. Matthew Field

5. Andre Dekker

6. Breakout Session 1 Summary

7. Breakout Session 2 Summary

8. Breakout Session 3 Summary

9. Joe Deasy, PhD