Green Laboratory

The Green laboratory aims to accelerate progress in cancer care by effectively integrating immunotherapy into treatment paradigms. Our laboratory utilizes expertise in quantitative immunophenotyping, quantitative image analysis, programmed cell death, and oxidized lipidomics to advance the fields of radiobiology, radiomics, and tumor immunology. We seek to define and harness the determinants of inflammation which shape anti-tumoral immunity and influence cancer therapy efficacy. In particular, we focus on understanding the molecular, metabolic, and cellular checkpoints which alter CD8+ T effector cell trafficking and function in the tumor microenvironment.  We conduct clinical, translational, and preclinical studies that allow us to develop novel therapeutic strategies to better treat cancer patients.


Role of Programmed Cell Death in Therapy Efficacy

We have significant interest in defining the importance of oxidized lipids and ferroptosis in the response to radiotherapy and immunotherapy.

Determinants of Immune Landscape in Human Cancer

In collaboration with Weiping Zou, MD, PhD, we have interest in novel molecular and cellular mechanisms which shape anti-tumoral immunity and contribute to immunotherapy efficacy.

Clinical Determinants of Immunotherapy Efficacy and Toxicity

In conjunction with Ajjai Alva, MBBS, and Nithya Ramnath, MBBS, we explore clinical determinates of radiotherapy and immunotherapy efficacy across many disease types, including melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, bladder cancer, and renal cell carcinoma.

Development of Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Pancreatic Cancer

In collaboration with Meredith Morgan, PhD, we seek to define the next generation of effective treatments for pancreatic cancer.

Quantitative Predictors of Immunotherapy and Radiotherapy

In conjunction with Benjamin Rosen, PhD, we have interest in determining the importance of quantitative image analysis as a biomarker of efficacy and toxicity.

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