Peer Mentoring Program

The Peer Mentoring Program is designed to help empower patients who have been diagnosed with cancer to take control of their lives and their healthcare.

Who are Peer Mentors?

Peer Mentors are former patients who volunteer to help newly diagnosed patients understand and face the issues of their illness. They help new patients think through alternatives, and cope with depression and anger that are natural to the process. They are positive role models who provide hope, encouragement and understanding.

Peer Mentors can:

Peer Mentors
  • Explain educational information
  • Serve as role models
  • Provide empathic listening
  • Aid in problem-solving
  • Help clarify values
  • Help relieve anxiety
  • Legitimize feelings

To be matched with a Peer Mentor

Complete this online Peer Mentor Matching Form. You will be asked to provide your contact information, some basic information about how your cancer diagnosis/treatment is affecting you, and what you would like most from a Peer Mentor. This information will be protected by us and kept in the strictest confidence, according to HIPAA regulations.

We will then match you with the most appropriate person, and they will contact you within a few days. After your first call with your Peer Mentor, you will be asked to fill out an evaluation to let us know how the call went. If it went well, you and your Mentor can take it from there. If things did not go as you had hoped, we will have another mentor contact you to ensure you are comfortable.

All conversations with your Mentor are kept in strict confidence. Peer Mentors are volunteers at Michigan Medicine and have been trained through our Patient and Family Centered Care Program.

To become a Peer Mentor

Please complete this brief online survey to register your interest.

To learn more about the Peer Mentoring Program

Speak with or email  our Peer Mentoring Coordinator