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The Department of Surgery is committed to conducting cutting edge research to advance the field of surgery.

Research at the Michigan Medicine Department of Surgery

The Michigan Medicine Department of Surgery at the University of Michigan focuses on providing world-class clinical care, training leaders in the field of surgery, and supporting cutting edge research. We are able to provide high quality clinical care and training opportunities due to the innovative research conducted at our institution. We aim to consistently evolve and build the future of surgery.

Our research environment includes a wide-variety of centers, programs, labs, and independent investigators.  From faculty members to undergraduate students, research opportunities are available for investigators at every level of their careers. We emphasize the importance of collaboration in our projects and work with partners stretching from across campus to around the world.

Office of Research

The Michigan Medicine Department of Surgery's Office of Research works to coordinate research efforts across the department. From coordinating grants to matching residents to labs during their academic development time, the Office of Research provides resources and supports members of the department pursuing innovative discoveries.

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Marlie Bartow

Marlie Bartow

Manager, Surgery Office of Research

Department of Surgery Office of Research

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