Resident Success

Our residents success extends from the clinical expertise into research awards at international and national conferences as well prominent leadership positions.

Awards and Grants


  • Chris Centonze - AUR Memorial Award - "Routine Chest Radiography for the Evaluation of Pneumothorax Following Bronchoscopy"
  • Jimmy Mahn - SIR RFS National Case Competition Winner


  • Everett Gu – Stanley Baum Best Poster Award – “Essential Diagnoses Using Musculoskeletal Ultrasound: Sonography Made Easy”, AUR
  • Rudra Pampati - Honorable Mention, AIMsymposium
  • Steven Han – Magna Cum Laude Award, RSNA


  • John Millet – Certificate of Merit, RSNA
  • Sean Woolen – Young Investigator Award, SCBT-MR


  • Elias Taxakis - Certificate of Merit, RSNA
  • Tania Rahman-Society of Abdominal Radiology Annual Scientific Meeting Travel Scholarship, SAR
  • Jordan Brown-Alexander R. Margulis Best Paper by a Trainee Award, SAR
  • Everett Gu-Cum Laude Award, SAR
  • Zeeshan Bhatti –Certificate of Merit, ARRS
  • Nishant Patel-Gold Merit Award, ACR


  • Zeeshan Bhatti- Gold Merit Award, ACR
  • John Millet-Cum Laude Award, RSNA
  • Zeeshaan Bhatti - Magna Cum Laude, STR
  • Andreea Moore-Suma Cum Laude Award, ASER
  • Andreea Moore-Novelline Award, ASER
  • Nishant Patel- Cum Laude Award, ASER
  • Ben Mervak-Hounsfield Award, SCBT-MR
  • Ben Mervak-Oral Presentation Award, ESUR


  • Ben Mervak - Hounsfield Award, SCBT-MR
  • Kim Shampain - Merit Award, SCBT-MR
  • Jordan Brown - Certificate of Merit, RSNA


  • Page Wang - Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award, ARRS
  • Mike Ryan - Certificate of Merit, RSNA
  • Elliot Dickerson - Certificate of Merit, RSNA
  • Dave Brandel - Cum Laude, RSNA



Chief Residents:

  • Yashesh Shah (DR)
  • Elias Taxakis (DR)
  • Alexandria Jo (IR)

Michigan Radiology Quality Collaborative

  • Chris Centonze
  • Eric Hu
  • Amber Liles
  • Andrew Zhang
  • Sean Woolen


House Officer Association, President: Elias Taxakis

House Officer Quality and Safety Committee

  • Casey Branach
  • Chris Centonze
  • Amber Liles
  • Molly Roseland
  • Sean Woolen

Healthcare Administration Scholars Program

  • Chris Centonze
  • Ryne Dougherty
  • Amber Liles
  • Sarah Moorman
  • Stephanie Spann


Michigan Radiological Society (MRS):

  • Zachary Wilseck, President of the Resident and Fellow section 
  • Gunjan Malhotra, President Elect
  • Sarah Moorman, Secretary
  • Jeremy Ross, Fundraising
  • Rosan Patel, Fellowship Representative
  • Elias Taxakis, Past President of the Resident and Fellow Section

Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) – Resident-Fellow Section, Chair – Gunjan Malhotra


RadioGraphics Peer Review Mentoring Program – John Millet (2018)

American Medical Association (AMA), Resident-Fellow Section Delegate on behalf of ACR – Gunjan Malhotra

Introduction to Academic Radiology -  John Millet (2016), Eric Hu (2016), Omar Khan (2017), Amber Liles (2017), Ryne Dougherty (2018), Molly Roseland (2018)

American Alliance of Academic Chief Residents (A3CR2) –  

  • Matt Hammer, President (2011)
  • Brett Mollard, Secretary (2014)
  • Nishant Patel, Treasurer, (2016)
  • Mike Cline, Program Chair (2016)
  • Kim Shampain, Membership Chair (2016)
  • William Sherk, Treasurer (2017)
  • Yashesh Shah, Elections Committee Member (2018)
  • Alexandria Jo, Rules Committee Member (2018)

Radiology Leadership Institute Leadership Summit Scholarship - Nishant Patel (2015)

Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) Resident Fellow Student Section (RFS) Chair Elect of the IR Residency Training Committee: Alexandria Jo (2015-Current) and was the Interim Chair of Clinical Education Committee for the same committee (2014-2015)



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