The Melvyn T. Korobkin Collegiate Professorship in Radiology

Melvyn T. Korobkin

Dr. Korobkin is highly regarded by colleagues, former trainees, and students. His passion for CT and its promise in abdominal medicine—brought to fruition through rigorous research—is matched by the generosity and joy he has brought to mentoring young faculty, training residents, and collaborating daily with the outstanding radiologists and medical faculty at U-M. His serving on the editorial boards of the major radiology journals since 1980 and his nearly 300 publications demonstrates his dedication to the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge.

It is this kind of vitality and excellence that makes the University of Michigan one of the most esteemed in the nation, able to attract and retain talent of the highest caliber. It is also what the community served by U-M's Health System has come to expect and from which it benefits. 

The professorship seeks to do two very important things. One is to honor Dr. Korobkin's contributions to medicine, to the Department of Radiology, and to his many students and colleagues. The other is to ensure that the excellence Dr. Korobkin exemplifies continues to thrive in the Department.

"Mel undoubtedly is a great radiologist and investigator, but mostly I see him as a great human being. He sincerely helped younger radiologists develop and improve their clinical and academic skills. Mel personally supported and encouraged me as a young faculty, always providing honest and constructive criticism with respect and kindness."  


“When Dr. Korobkin came to the Department as a Professor of Radiology, he was a renowned genitourinary radiologist with expertise in adrenal imaging. As this was also an area of my research interest, I was concerned that he would take over this research. But my concerns were unfounded, as Dr. Korobkin graciously involved me in his research projects and I did so in return, and together we did some of the initial work on CT washout features of adrenal masses, which became one of the standard methods by which adrenal masses are characterized today.”  


“Mel Korobkin, M.D. epitomizes the tripartite mission of teaching, research and patient care of the University of Michigan Health System. While his pioneering work on adrenal-specific imaging protocols has become the gold standard for the evaluation of adrenal masses, his commitment to patient-centered care and service excellence really set the stage for the creation of the first Tumor Board dedicated to adrenal and endocrine-related tumors at the University of Michigan.”  


"Dr. Korobkin’s analytical approach and careful attention to detail in the investigation of the clinical problems faced by abdominal imagers has advanced the field of uroradiology."  


The Melvyn T. Korobkin Collegiate Professorship in Radiology Recipient

Joel Platt, MD


Isaac Francis, MD