Scanners and Capabilities

Scanner Description

This wide bore (70cm diameter) includes full digital dStream on-coil digitization to optical, patient-specific dual-channel transmit B1 shimming; second-order B0 shimming; and a full complement of surface coils including: 32channel head; 15ch head; 20ch head & neck; 52ch total neuro; two 16ch anterior torso/cardiac; 16ch posterior coil (built-in to table); 8ch knee; 16ch transmit & receive knee; 8ch wrist; 11ch large and medium shoulder; 8ch foot-ankle; 8ch upper extremity; 16ch breast; 7ch breast biopsy; and 2ch SML/MED/LRG flex coils. Each gradient axis provides 40mT/m amplitude @200 T/m/s slew; or 78mT/m amplitude @100 T/m/s slew and 100% duty cycle.

Standard Anatomic MRI sequences

Two-dimensional (2D); 3D; Multislice; Spin-Echo; Gradient-Echo; Turbo-Spin-Echo (TSE); Single-shot and Multi-shot TSE; Echo-Planar-Imaging (EPI); Single-shot and Multi-shot EPI; 2D & 3D Parallel imaging (SENSE) on phase-encode axes consistent with coil geometry. Contrast manipulation via: inversion-recovery; fat-suppression; fluid-suppression (eg. FLAIR); water-only and fat-only excitation; spatial suppression; magnetization transfer; multi-echo; susceptibility-weighting

MR Angiographic Sequences

SENSE-capable 2D & 3D Time-of-flight MR Angiography (MRA); 2D & 3D Phase-contrast MRA; 4D flow; 2D, 3D and 4D time-resolved Contrast-Enhanced MRA.

Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI)

SENSE-capable Single-shot and Multi-shot diffusion-weighted MRI on 3-orthogonal axes for trace/isotropic DWI and Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) mapping arbitrary quantity and averaging at b-values (0 à10,000s/mm2); DW single-shot TSE; on-line generation of inter-direction and b-value image registration and ADC maps

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)

SENSE-capable pre-built quantity of diffusion-encoding directions (up to 128); or import of custom list of directions and b-values; Simultaneous Multi-Slice (Multi-Band) acquisition. Automatic on-line generation of ADC maps; Fractional-Anisotropy (FA) maps; directionally-encoded color FA maps. Operator-generated Fiber-Tracks.

Proton Spectroscopy

Water-suppressed single-voxel (SV); SENSE-capable 2D chemical shift imaging (CSI); Multislice 2D CSI; 3D CSI; dynamic SV; non water-suppressed multi-echo SV.

MR Elastography

Abdominal tissue stiffness via shearwave modulus (kPa), typically used as indicator of liver fibrosis.

Quantitative / Semi-Quantitative MRI

Fat-content multi-echo DIXON acquisition and map generation (fat content via multi-peak spectrum T2*-corrected ); T1-map acquisition; T2-, T2*-, R2-, R2*acquisition and map generation; magnetization transfer ratio; 1D-, 2D-, 3D-, 4D- phase contrast flow; ADC and FA acquisition and map generation; neuro perfusion via dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) and arterial spin-labeling (ASL) acquisition and map generation; vascular permeability/perfusion via dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE) acquisition and map generation.

Neuro Functional MRI (fMRI)

SENSE and Multi-Band capable blood oxygen level-dependent (BOLD) multislice single-shot EPI using task-based and resting-state experiment designs. Task stimulus (and response recording) can be provided by investigator’s own laptop. Neuro fMRI acquisition can include continuous physiologic recording (heart and respiration waveforms).

Image / Data Formats, Archive and Transfer

All images stored on local “Research PACS”, DVD, HITS-maintained Research Lab drives; and optionally in the “Clinical PACS”. Images / Data can be provided to investigators in multiple formats including: (de-identified) enhanced or classic DICOM; NIFTI; PAR-REC; Matlab MAT; and MHD.

Ancillary Equipment

Sonalleve II High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) MRI-guided thermal ablation system

In Vivo SensaVue II “Esys” system for presentation of visual (mirror view of 40” LCD screen) and/or auditory (noise cancellation head phones) to the subject/patient for fMRI stimulus, or for entertainment. Subject response can be recorded via two 2-button or two 5-button finger boxes. Custom investigator-provided paradigms can be run on investigator’s laptop and fed into the SensaVue II display/audio system.

Medrad Spectris Solaris Power Injector

In Vivo Expression Patient Monitor


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