The Trygve O. Gabrielsen Collegiate Professorship in Radiology

Dr. Gabrielson Brochure
Dr. Trygve Gabrielsen Professorship Brochure

Dr. Gabrielsen served our department for 40 years as both a resident and faculty. He was a dedicated neuroradiologist who took two sabbaticals abroad to improve his skills and bring new techniques to Michigan. His commitment to patient care through the use of imaging to more quickly arrive at the correct diagnosis made him a respected colleague throughout the neuroscience community. His passion for teaching – to create a generation of outstanding neuroradiologists – is a lasting testimony to his skills.

It is this kind of vitality and excellence that makes the University of Michigan one of the most esteemed in the nation, able to attract and retain talent of the highest caliber. It is also what the community served by U-M's Health System has come to expect and from which it benefits.

This professorship seeks to both honor Dr. Gabrielsen's contributions to medicine, to the Department of Radiology, and to his many residents, fellows, and colleagues, and to ensure  the excellence Dr. Gabrielsen exemplifies continues to thrive in the department.


Reflections on Dr. Gabrielsen's Career and Contributions


 "Dr. Gabrielsen set an example for all of us. His goal was to train his residents and fellows so well that they would be better radiologists than we were.”

Dr. N. Reed Dunnick
Fred Jenner Hodges Professor and Chair of Radiology
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


"Tryg is an unforgettable mentor, and friend. I'm a full-time neuroradiologist, and hardly a day goes by that I don't hear his inner voice saying 'be sure to do this,' or 'don't forget to check that,' or 'what if this patient was in your family?' Thank you, Tryg." 

Dr. Jim Knake
Senior Neuroradiologist
St. Joseph Mercy Hospitals, Ann Arbor


"I greatly appreciate the wonderful training in cerebral angiography that Dr. Gabrielsen provided, enabling me to move comfortably into intracranial interventional work which I have performed for the past 30 years. I also appreciate the lessons I learned regarding attention to detail, ensuring an accurate diagnosis in even the most difficult case."

Dr. Dick Latchaw
Professor of Radiology
UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento


"I remember Dr. Gabrielsen saying to Drs. Joe Seeger, Dick Latchaw and myself in our neuro reading room on the last day of work (end of academic year), 'I didn't think we could learn so much.' Of course, he was a teacher, leader and inspiration! Thank you."

Dr. Francis Pauli
Clinical Instructor of Radiology
St. Joseph Mercy Hospitals, Ann Arbor


"It was an honor to be Tryg's second neuroradiology fellow in 1967 - 68. His guidance and encouragement to me in what was then a new subspecialty in radiology were the hallmarks of a caring and brilliant teacher. He inspired diligence and a continued quest for education that served me well during the years of development of computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Many of us refer to Dr. Gabrielsen as Tryg as over the years he has always been thought of as a friend as much as a mentor."

Dr. Norm Komar
Clinical Instructor of Radiology
St. Joseph Mercy Hospitals, Ann Arbor


Trygve O. Gabrielsen Collegiate Professorship in Radiology Recipients

Mark Helvie, MD