CM - Fellowship Formal Learning Activities

Patient Care (5 half-days/week)
Based at Hamilton Community Health Network clinics, providing the opportunity to work in depth in the Flint community.  Fellows will also serve as supervising physicians at the Student Run Free Clinic in Pinckney, Michigan, one Saturday afternoon per month.

Project Development/Scholarly Activity (2-3 half-days per week)
Fellows will collaborate with Hamilton Community Health Network and community stakeholders longitudinally throughout the year to develop a sustainable health project/scholarly activity focused on unmet health needs of the Flint community.

Advocacy (1-2 days per week)
Fellows will partner with local and state organizations to work on advocacy issues pertinent to community health centers

Fellows will participate in faculty development as well as personalized leadership development tailored to fellow’s individual interest.

Fellows will have opportunities to teach medical students at the Student Run Free Clinic as well as precepting residents onsite at Hamilton clinics.

Engaged learning
Fellows will attend regular educational sessions focused on topics in community medicine. 

Fellows will have support to attend conference for networking/education, such as AAFP’s National Conference of Constituency Leaders.