Academic Fellowship

The Academic Fellowship is a one-year program offered to graduating residents who have demonstrated an interest in academic family medicine. Fellows work closely with the residents in coordinating the didactic curriculum, learn precepting and inpatient attending skills, and are involved in a mentoring program. Fellows also have the opportunity to participate in the University of Michigan's Medical Education Scholars Program (MESP). Successfully completing the fellowship will provide graduates with the skills needed to begin faculty careers in the specialty of family medicine.

Current Academic Fellow: Julie Blaszczak, M.D.  

Previous Academic Fellows

2018 - 2019: Leigh Morrison, M.D. 

2017 -2018: Anna McEvoy, M.D.

2016 -2017: Kristine Cece, M.D., Ph.D.  

2015-2016: Marisa Gross, M.D. 

2014-2015: Christina W. Chiang, M.D.

2013-2014: Keturah Schacht, M.D.

2012-13: Nell Burger Kirst, M.D.

2011-12: Elizabeth K. Jones, M.D.

2010-2011: Brian Bluhm, M.D. and Hiroshi Endo, M.D.

2009-2010: Hobart Lee, M.D.

2008-2009: Margaret Riley, M.D.

2007-2008: Jean Wong, M.D.

2006-2007: Jill Fenske, M.D.  

Current Academic Fellow