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Welcome to the Harper Lab! Principal Investigator, Dr. Diane M Harper, is an internationally recognized clinical research expert in Human Papillomavirus virus (HPV) associated diseases, their prevention, early detection, and treatment for the prevention of cancer. Research in the lab focuses on the use of HPV self-sampling and home-based screening techniques to help make cervical cancer screening more accessible and acceptable to currently under-screened populations. Overall Dr. Harper aims to develop relationships with and work alongside communities to learn more about the facilitators and barriers to participation in cervical cancer screening and seek feedback on the acceptability and feasibility of HPV self-sampling and home-based screening methods. The ultimate goal of the research is to increase cervical cancer screening rates by providing more screening options to patients, particularly those that reduce barriers and are more inclusive of currently under-screened populations. To learn more about the specific projects happening in the lab, please select and explore the projects page above.

From Michigan Medicine: Cervical Cancer: What To Know, Gynecologic oncologist, Jean Hansen, D.O., along with family medicine scientist, Diane Harper, M.D., answer your questions regarding prevention, screening and treatment options for cervical cancer.

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Diane M Harper

Principal Investigator

Elizabeth Haro

Project Coordinator