Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Structures of Ableism: Recognizing barriers of inclusion and access for the disabled community

8:30 AM

Streamed live via Zoom 

This workshop is open to the U-M and Michigan Medicine communities. Due to Zoom space constraints, registration is required for everyone other than Family Medicine faculty and residents. 

A white woman with blonde hair sits in front of a colorful painted mural outdoors

Dessa Cosma, disability rights activist and executive director of Detroit Disability Power joins the Department of Family Medicine for a workshop on disability and ableism in medicine. 

Topics of Discussion

In this conversational workshop, these key questions will be addressed:

  • What is disability? What is Ableism? Why does this matter?
  • Why is it that most of us have been to DEI workshops, but disability has been left out?
  • How do we operate in our (professional) lives based on assumptions about disability? Where is their room for changing behavior, practices, and programs to be more inclusive & accessible?
  • What are the likely challenges and benefits of making this kind of change?


Event Materials

Before the workshop, please review the following materials:

Additional resources for further learning and exploration are available from Detroit Disability Power


Resources Shared During the Event

Included: the Disability Equity Podcast from Johns Hopkins

MDisability Monthly Education Sessions from the Department of Family Medicine

MiChart Disability and Accommodations Tab Resources and FAQ from the Center for Disability Health and Wellness



Learn More About The Presenter

Dessa Cosma

Executive Director, Detroit Disability Power

Learn more about Dessa's work at The Ford Foundation.