May 4, 2013

U-M Family Medicine Residents Among the Best

In addition to the many contributions to the field among residency program graduates, we are happy to report continued success in graduate ABFM certification exam performance with another 100% pass rate among new graduates and an impressive average score of 601 (compared with national average score of 482 and 90% pass rate).  

"Continued excellent board exam performance is a testament to the hard work and talent of our residents," according to James M. Cooke, M.D., assistant professor and residency program director.

"The ABFM has significantly increased the rigor of the certification exam and raised the bar for passing in recent years with national pass rates ranging from 82-90% as opposed to a fixed pass rate of 97.5% prior to 2008. We are very proud of our graduates' performance on the exam, especially in light of the increasing ABFM certification standards."