August 8, 2018

Not Just Any Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Kent Sheets' book in honor of the Department's 40th Anniversary is available online. 

A book entitled "Not Just Any Department of Family Medicine" standing on top of a stack of the same book.



In honor of the Department’s 40th Anniversary, Kent J. Sheets, Ph.D., professor and director of educational development, as well as the unofficial Department historian, authored a book detailing the Department’s history.

Kent Sheets
Kent J. Sheets, Ph.D. 

In “Not Just Any Department of Family Medicine: Telling the Story of the First 40 Years of the University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine,” Dr. Sheets details the legislative and institutional steps that occurred well before the Department actually formed through the Department’s most recent endeavors. It includes detailed information on early Department leaders, lessons learned, fun facts and photo collages. The book gives a refreshing look at the growth and success of family medicine at the University of Michigan.

“Not Just Any Department of Family Medicine” is available for free via OpenAccess or for purchase in a hardcover or Amazon Kindle versions. 

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