Sherri Sheinfeld Gorin PhD

Sherri Sheinfeld Gorin, Ph.D.

Research Professor

Research Interests

  • Cancer prevention interventions in racially/ethnically diverse communities (particularly the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine)
  • Genetic testing approaches, return of results to diverse participants
  • Cancer screening interventions in racially/ethnically diverse communities (particularly colorectal, breast, cervical, prostate) 
  • Cancer treatment delays and treatment outcomes in racially/ethnically diverse communities (using SEER-Medicare, SEER-MHOS, similar population-based databases)
  • Cancer care coordination processes and outcomes

Selected Publications and Reviews

  • Jimbo M, Kelly-Blake K, Sheinfeld Gorin S. Response to: Potential unintended consequences of shared decision making policy initiatives health affairs. (in press)
  • McDonald KM, Singer SJ, Sheinfeld Gorin S, Haggstrom DA, Hynes DM, Charns MP, Yano EM, Lucatorto MA, Zulman DM, Ong MK, Axon N, Vogel D, Upton M. Theory to practice: Care coordination in the U.S. veterans health delivery system.  J Gen Intern Med, 34(Suppl 1):S24–S39.
  • Peterson K, Anderson J, Bourne D, Charns MP, Sheinfeld Gorin S, Hynes DM, McDonald KM, Singer SJ, Yano EM. Health care coordination theoretical frameworks: A systematic scoping review to increase their understanding and use in practice. J Gen Intern Med, 34 (Suppl 1):S90–S108. PMCID: PMC6542910
  • Sheinfeld Gorin S, Balasubramanian BA. The My Own Health Report (MOHR): Opportunities for implementation in the annual wellness visit. Public Policy & Aging Report, 2019, 29(1):33–40.
  • Sheinfeld Gorin S, Resnick B. Introduction to the annual wellness visit for the older adult. Public Policy & Aging Report, 2019;29(1):1-4.
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