Pediatric Surgery

Our expert surgeons at the University of Michigan Section of Pediatric Surgery set the standard for teamwork, compassion, education and innovation as we achieve outstanding outcomes for patients, invent novel life-saving treatments, and create a legacy of excellence in the field through advanced medical training.

Leaders in Pediatric Surgery

At the Michigan Medicine Section of Pediatric Surgery, we’re proud of the well-rounded enterprise we’ve built — performing a high volume of operations annually in our fast-growing specialty practice; advancing pediatric surgery knowledge and practice through NIH-funded research; and offering collegial and unique fellowship training experiences. We’re motivated by providing the very best care to our patients while improving the health of children everywhere as we help create the future of pediatric surgery.

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Clinical Strengths

We excel at all aspects of pediatric surgical treatment, from the routine hernia repair to complex operations for neonates, cancer, or trauma. From the neck and chest to the abdomen and extremities, we care for a breadth and depth of illness that is unmatched. Our minimally-invasive approach to operations is ubiquitous amongst our faculty and includes robotic, endoscopic, thoracoscopic and laparoscopic surgery. Families from all over the world seek care at the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, ranked one of the best in the nation. Our areas of clinical expertise include multidisciplinary programs for inflammatory bowel and colorectal diseases, intestinal rehabilitation, trauma, solid tumor management, endocrine surgery, and esophageal diseases.


Trainees learn side-by-side with nationally recognized experts in the various branches of Pediatric  Surgery. Our approach to training is based on mutual respect, promoting autonomy and independence. We offer fellowship training programs in pediatric surgery, pediatric surgical critical care, fetal diagnosis and treatment, and clinical research. Graduates of our advanced medical/surgical training are the future leaders in children’s surgery; therefore, we focus on not just the technical aspects but also compassion, innovation, leadership, and teamwork - core values exhibited by our faculty. 


Our research mission spans basic, translational, clinical outcomes, and health services domains. Resources for pediatric surgery research at U-M are broad and deep, from the Department of Surgery, ranked in the top 5 for National Institutes of Health funding, to the Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation, which unites and supports more than 500 researchers in efforts to improve how we deliver care. Our current projects include development of an artificial lung and an artificial placenta; multi-institutional pediatric surgical clinical trials; organoid development using stem cells; developmental pathways of neuroblastoma; achieving autonomy in surgical education.

The Michigan Promise

The Michigan Promise is an investment in faculty and resident life within the Department of Surgery. This commitment supports environment, recruitment, leadership, achievement, innovation, and outreach initiatives that aim to change the future of academic surgery.