Lectureships & Professorships

The Need

A lectureship will create a lasting legacy of healing and hope. Through these symposia, we are able to share our findings among scientists and physicians, and we create learning opportunities as we recruit other leaders in the field to impart their knowledge. This will broaden the scope of our thought and provoke further investigations to build on the exceptional work that is being done in our laboratories and clinics.

A professorship will support a new faculty member at the University of Michigan who is a standout leader in their field. It will fund a part of their salary and cover research expenses to enable their success. This endowment will further the groundbreaking achievements made by the recipient and will spur discoveries that may change the course of care. It will forever benefit individuals with conditions in the faculty member’s field of study and those with other related diseases. 

The Vision

Collaborating and exchanging insights and research through lectureships immeasurably strengthens our program by bringing the best and brightest together. Lectureships are not only an esteemed award to those who receive them, but are also a tribute of distinction to the work of their namesakes and are an extension of their work as they help to build a community of intellectual advancement.

The prestige that surrounds a professorship is immense. It is an acknowledgement of the recipient’s contributions and accomplishments in their field, emphasizing the admiration they have earned throughout their career. Professorships allow recipients to continue doing such valuable work at an even higher level of support and flexibility. Furthermore, it honors the work of the donor making the professorship a reality. Professorships are a constant reminder of the admirable work that has made current work possible, and they highlight the essential principle of supporting the innovations of the next generation that donors uphold by creating professorships.

You Can Be a Victor

By contributing to the lectureships and professorships at the Department of Surgery, you enable a greater level of learning and discovery than would otherwise be possible. Empower current and future generations while remembering the essential achievements of the past.