There is a strong sense of urgency in the concept of “convergence science” concerning education and training where ideas from partners in other disciplines and settings across the globe are integrated into a meaningful academic curriculum.

Our Initiatives

The Department of Surgery is committed to programmatic development that inspires and supports faculty members and trainees to participate in all levels of outreach. Academic institutions play a critical role in the setting of scientific, academic and social projects that are fully integrated with local, national, and global initiatives. 

Leadership Exposure for the Advancement of Gender and Underrepresented Minority Equity in Surgery (LEAGUES)

This program for aims to promote leadership exposure for the advancement of gender and underrepresented minority equity in surgery. Faculty members and residents have the opportunity to mentor fellows through research projects, get involved in fellowship administration. Contact the LEAGUES leadership team at [email protected] for more information. 


This medical student surgery interest group is focused on providing intentional support for students underrepresented in surgery and creating a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and empowerment. Faculty members and residents have the opportunity to teach technical skills, mentor medical students through research projects, serve on a panel for the Diversity in Surgery series. Contact the SCRUBS leadership team at [email protected] for more information.

Doctors of Tomorrow

The Doctors of Tomorrow program is a partnership between Detroit’s Cass Technical High School, the University of Michigan Medical School, and the Department of Surgery in which high school students from underrepresented communities in medicine work with faculty members, medical students and residents to prepare for a career in healthcare. Opportunities include serving as physician mentor, leading educational session, serve on a panel for medical student Q&A, and creating video content. Contact the Doctors of Tomorrow leadership team at [email protected] for more information.

Health equity, Opportunity, Pathways, and Education (HOPE) Collaborative 

The Impacting HOPE Collaborative analyzes and enhances systems to increase health equity, opportunity, pathways, and education for children and families who have been traditionally excluded from medicine and quality care. The collaborative is building a contemporary, proactively anti-racist framework to connect and expand resources and partner with local and national community agencies, public health officials, school systems and existing programming at the University of Michigan. Opportunities include attending the annual symposium and becoming an advisor, volunteer or mentor. 

Michigan Women's Surgical Collaborative (MWSC)

The MWSC is a group in the Department of Surgery that aims to find tools to support the success of women and underrepresented minorities through research and outreach, including an annual conference that brings together surgical faculty members and residents from across the country. Opportunities include attending events such as the annual conference and webinars. Contact the MWSC leadership team at [email protected] for more information. 

Student Associations

In addition to the programs that the Department of Surgery offers, the University of Michigan offers a large number of student associations in which trainees can participate. Trainees that participate in these groups can attend national conferences and health fairs to assist in resident recruitment. Examples of some associations include: