Support Transplant Surgery

Your gift helps us continue to perform life-saving research and to train the next generation of leaders in transplant surgery.

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Dr. Englesbe and team member in the operating room
Michigan Medicine University Hospital Building

Michigan Medicine has been a leader in transplantation since 1964. We are committed to personalized care, advancement in research and training the next generation of leaders in transplant surgery. We have already forged robust collaborations among disciplines and have a team of seasoned experts in place; with your support we can move the needle of the innovation forward, faster.


Our faculty is invested training future leaders in the field. Gifts to education allow top investigators to foster eager, bright minds early in their careers, precipitating a culture of strategy, teamwork and forward-thinking.  We are positioning our trainees to become world-class scientists.  They will create transformative therapies and discover cures.  The many opportunities for collaboration offered in the department of surgery will lead to life-saving new technologies that extend the legacy of scientific education for which the University of Michigan is known.  You can help these talented up-and-coming leaders uncover the secrets of nature’s most intriguing and vexing problems. 


Bold ideas often lead to medicine’s biggest breakthroughs. Our scientists are ready to kick-start cutting edge research that will change lives. As we continue to advance, we want to ensure that all channels—clinical and biological—have the resources to come together and maximize our ability to make groundbreaking discoveries, share information and provide first-rate treatment to our patients. Supporting research efforts in general surgery provides investigators with autonomy to work without limitations and stretch the boundaries of their training and imagination.

Patient Care

Our researchers and clinicians are deeply involved in the advancements that will make a difference in patient trajectories across the scope of surgery. We accept nothing less than the highest degree of compassion and respect for every patient that comes through our door. We exhaust the possibilities for all patients; and, each leap we take in research, education and innovation is so that when families get the news that their loved one must undergo a major surgical procedure at the University of Michigan, there will be no doubt that person is at the best possible place. Your gift to support general surgery will allow resources to be directed where they are most needed for optimal patient impact and experience.

Maintaining a strong program requires vigorous resources. In an era in which external support for creative ideas and programs is shrinking, an investment in the transplant medicine in the section of General Surgery represents a shared commitment to excellence in patient care, training and discovery.

For more information about specific medical research, or to contribute directly to a specific lab, educational endeavor or clinical effort, please contact the Surgery Development Office.