Clinical Care

Our clinical practice draws more than 12,000 clinical visits a year, and our pediatric vascular service is one of the largest in the country. We provide care for a wide range of vascular disorders.

The Best Team, The Best Care

With our partners in interventional radiology, nephrology, vascular medicine, cardiothoracic surgery, cardiovascular medicine, and cardiology we deliver team-based care that brings the knowledge of many disciplines to bear. In our regular patient care conferences, we study complex cases and identify the best path forward for a patient’s care. This highly collaborative approach means our patients benefit from the insights of multiple experts.

Leaders in New Treatments

With our robust biomedical research enterprise, we’re able to translate discoveries in the laboratory to better treatments in the clinic. Past efforts include a clinical trial that established the safety and effectiveness of a minimally invasive approach to treating complex aortic aneurysm disease; participating in one of the few national trials for branched thoracic aortic stent grafts; and the development of American Heart Association guidelines for the management of peripheral arterial disease, now widely referenced as the national standard. Michigan vascular surgeons also performed the first Endurant IIs endograft for abdominal aortic aneurysm in the state and have been the leader in the development of new anticoagulants with lower bleeding potential.

Outstanding Outcomes

Michigan Vascular Surgery has skill and volume in both open and minimally invasive surgical cases, positioning us to tailor therapy to a patient’s specific needs — whether that’s open surgery for the most complicated aneurysm, or a minimally invasive EVAR or TEVAR, procedures we’ve been performing for more than 2 decades. In fact, we perform the most open aortic surgeries in the state, and have one of the lowest mortality rates