Anti-Racism Resources for Parents

Resources for Families of Color

Resources for White Families

Resources for white parents who have adopted Black children

1.    Embracerace. (a) Transracial Adoption Resources, and (b) Tips for parenting your transracially adopted child.

2.      PACT: An Adoption Alliance has a good list of resources. 

3.    Empowering Adopted Children of Color in the Face of Racism and Discrimination

4.    How to Talk to Your Transracially Adopted Child About Race

5.    Child Welfare Information Gateway: Transracial/Transcultural Families Resources

6.    I think any parent/caregiver of a transracially adopted child can engage in these race and racial injustice conversations within a Racial Socialization framework. Some resources on this: (1) RESilience. (a) Racial Stress and Self-care, and (b) Engaging My Child; (b) Talking With Youth about Racism, Police Brutality and Protests and They're Not too Young to Talk about Race; and (c) Embracerace

7.    Bibliotherapy is a powerful medium to start these conversations. See APA's RESilience; Embracerace; Social Justice Books; Charis Books and More. A personal favorite: Something Happened in Our Town. You can listen to a recording here and see a guide here.

8.    Fresh Air interview with mom and blogger who is white and has 2 adopted Black children:

Additional Resources Lots of good action guides for many different groups

Video with author of Anti-racist Baby and Stamped for Kids, Ibram X. Kendi,

How to talk to children (both Black and white) about race:

Several good resources for talking to kids about race:

From a local author, Maria Desmondy, who does character lessons for young kids. There are many other great book lists in links above as well.


Celebrate Racial Diversity

Explain Racism to Children

Teach about Being Treated Unfairly for Differences

Are by Black Authors, Illustrators and about Black Characters

Are Biographies About People of Color


- Ask yourself how your family will participate in taking action to help others. Consider participating in service work and giving back to organizations that are helping bring peace to our planet.