Research Publication Highlights

Brain Function & Substance Use Behavior - Dr. Martz and colleagues published research findings in Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience on subtypes of brain functioning as they relate to substance use behavior.

Telehealth Recommendations for Substance-Using Populations in the Age COVIDDrs. Allison Lin, Anne Fernandez, and Erin Bonar published a viewpoint article in JAMA Psychiatry on role of telemedicine and mobile health in SUD care, the need to understand how to implement these services in order to continue them long term.

Encouraging Veterans in a Suicidal Crisis Call the Veterans Crisis Line - Dr. Mark Ilgen and colleagues developed an brief intervention designed to increase the use of the 24-hour Veterans Crisis Line during periods of suicidal crisis. Preliminary results showed significant increase in comfort with and confidence using the crisis line.

A Smartphone App to Address Risky Substance Use Among Adolescents and Emerging Adults - Dr. Maureen Walton and colleagues published their findings on the initial feasibility and acceptability testing of a promising mHealth smartphone app, called MiSARA, designed to reduce escalation in substance use.

Postoperative Complications: Gaps in Preoperative Alcohol Screening and Knowledge - Risky alcohol use is one of the most common risk factors leading to postoperative complications. Dr. Anne Fernandez led a study that highlights potential gaps in alcohol-related knowledge and care, and found providers place a low priority on alcohol interventions in the perioperative context.


2021 Addiction Center Faculty Publications

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  • Lin, L.A., Fortney, J., Bohnert, A.S.B., Coughlin, L.N., Zhang, L. & Piette, J.D. Comparing telemedicine versus in-person buprenorphine treatment in US Veterans with opioid use disorder. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. (In press)     


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2020 Addiction Center Faculty Publications