Geriatric Psychiatry

We are committed to promoting current and personally tailored patient care, providing quality education to the next generation of health providers and caregivers, enhancing effective outreach to the community, and innovating through scientific discovery.

The University of Michigan Geriatric Psychiatry Program team is a group of clinicians, research scientists, and trainees, with education, research and administrative staff. At U-M we have one of the nation’s largest concentrations of board certified Geriatric Psychiatrists; our clinicians specialize in the unique mental health needs of older adults.

2023 American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry Meeting in New Orleans; photo taken at the annual U-M alumni and friends dinner, featuring graduates from all over the country, and residents from 3 programs in the state.

Back Row L-R:

Dayo Akinyemi
Bonnie Alkema
Jenny Alkema, MD, AAVAHS Geriatric Psychiatrist (UM Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship 2014)  
Esther Akinyemi, MD, Henry Ford Health System Residency Director (UM Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship 2008)  
Sue Maixner, MD, UM Geriatric Psychiatry Program Director (UM Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship 1999)  
Helen Kales, MD, Chair, UC-Davis (UM Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship 1998)  
Heba Gad, MD, Associate Geriatric Psychiatry Program Director (UM Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship 2013)  
Amit Patel, DO, Mid-Atlantic Kaiser Permanente (UM Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship 2010)  
David Belmonte, MD, University of Michigan Psychiatry Clerkship director (UM Geriatric Psychiatry Residency 2003)  
Jonathan Broadwell, PGY 4 Central Michigan University (Incoming UM Geriatric Psychiatry Fellow 2023) 

Front Row L-R:

Shivali Patel, MD, Henry Ford Health Detroit, PGY 4 (Incoming UM CL Fellow 2023)
Marlo Maddox-Kleckley, PGY 1 (Michigan State University)
Angela Eke Usim, MD, Detroit Authority Health, PGY 1
Mary Blazek, MD, MHEP, UM Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic Director
Carmen Avramut (PGY 1 Central Michigan University)
Monica Gentchev (PGY 2 Michigan State University)