UMATS Recovery Resource List


Books For Family of Loved Ones with Addiction


  • A Sober Girls Guide – for women with a focus on mental health, wellness and guidance toward recovery
  • Queeret – for gay individuals in sobriety and included podcasts, interviews, and event listings
  • Recovery Speakers – created to provide resources for people recovery from alcohol and other substances
  • Served Up Sober –for women of color who are sober or looking toward sobriety.
  • Sober Black Girls Club –for black women sober or moving in that direction
  • Sober Courage – created to chronicle the journey from “liquid courage to sober courage”
  • Sober Mommies –for mothers who need support beyond traditional 12 step programs
  • Soberocity –for people living a sober life
  • SobrieTeaParty – created to examine sobriety through lens of social injustice
  • The Fix – created to provide factual information about addiction and recovery
  • This Naked Mind – created to help reframe the desire of not to drink versus how to be sober
  • The Sober School – created to share helpful tips for living alcohol free life





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