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Women and Infants Mental Health

We focus on the wellbeing and special mental health needs of women.

The Women and Infants Mental Health Program at the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry was created to identify and address the unique needs of women and infants throughout the life cycle. Our program consists of outpatient clinical care, research, training education, and outreach focused on improving and maintaining the mental health of women and infants.  All program activities contribute to our overall mission to improve understanding, treatments, and outcomes for women and their families.

Clinical Care

Our team brings together specialists from many disciplines to provide a range of services for women experiencing low moods, anxiety, or trauma-related difficulties around the time of childbearing, infertility, or following a loss. We also offer care to women experiencing premenstrual irritability or difficult moods during early menopause. We encourage the involvement of fathers, partners, and other key supports whenever possible.

The clinic is staffed by a multidisciplinary, specialty team within Ambulatory Psychiatry. This team provides a range of clinical services for women with mood and related disorders around the time of childbearing. The team provides both consultation and continuing care for women and their children. Most referrals to the team are from obstetrics and gynecology, but self and community referrals are also common.

Clinical services include:

  • Medication consultations and ongoing treatments
  • Individual Psychotherapy (including Interpersonal Psychotherapy- IPT and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- CBT) for depression
  • Assessments and resources for parents and infants to support strong relationships and improve child well-being through the Parenting in Postpartum (PIP) Wellness Program
  • Assessments and treatments for women with a history of trauma
  • Assistance with community resources and referrals

Parenting in Postpartum Wellness Program


The relationship between parents and infants lays the foundation for a child's lifelong emotional and behavioral wellbeing. Difficult pregnancies or deliveries, family stresses, the baby's personality, and other factors can make it challenging for families to build strong relationships with a new baby.

The Parenting in Postpartum (PIP) Wellness Program team helps parents and infants create strong, joyful bonds. This gives children the healthy start they need in their development.

How can we help you?

The PIP Wellness Program is available to parents who may benefit from support and guidance during the first year of their child's life.

Parents who may find the program helpful are those who:

  • Are feeling anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed.
  • Have experienced stressful changes or traumatic events.
  • Want to learn more about their baby's development.
  • Have infants who are struggling with feeding, sleeping, or excessive crying.
  • Have infants with developmental concerns or illness.

If any of these describe you, and you want to strengthen your relationship with your infant, the program may be right for you. Contact us to learn more.


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