Meet the Directors

General Psychiatry Residency Program Director:

Dr. Schultz

Heather Schultz, M.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor

I’m Heather Schultz, the Adult Psychiatry Residency Program Director.

I grew up in Ann Arbor, and did my residency training at Michigan and have stayed on as faculty ever since. My clinical work has been on the adult inpatient psychiatry unit, and my academic interests include resident wellness and borderline personality disorder. I am an avid home cook and fitness enthusiast.

I was drawn to the residency program at Michigan for numerous reasons:

  • The faculty are experts in the field while being approachable and down to earth.
  • The residents are friendly, hard-working, and inspiring.
  • Being at a stellar academic institution creates opportunities to see unique patient presentations and to collaborate with other departments.
  • The program values academic excellence as well as work-life-balance.
  • Interdisciplinary teams are valued, and residents learn to coordinate care with social workers, nurses, outpatient physicians, therapists, and family members.
  • The opportunities for electives allow residents to tailor training to their interests.
  • Mentors are supportive, invested, and talented – never mind fun to learn from.
  • There are opportunities to meet with fellowship directors and fellows early on to consider further training in psychiatry.
  • Ann Arbor is a vibrant college town, with beautiful outdoor areas, amazing restaurants, fun activities for adults and families, and plenty to explore. Being close to the airport makes travel easy, but the commute into work is short and painless.

I am committed to ensuring that residents have fantastic opportunities to learn and grow. It is our hope that we will prepare you to embark on a career in psychiatry that is interesting, fulfilling, and tailored to your interests. The feedback that we get from residents helps us to shape the program into one that is constantly evolving and improving. We hope to foster a vibrant, diverse, and positive learning environment where everyone feels supported and valued.



General Psychiatry Residency Assistant Program Directors:

Dr. Bartek

Steven Bartek, M.D.
Clinical Instructor 

I’ve lived all over – from Tennessee to Boston to Los Angeles – but I never would have guessed that my residency training program would turn the Midwest into my home. The food, seasons, culture, and people of both the program and the city of Ann Arbor have been a wonderful fit. 

I work primarily in the outpatient clinic, and while my interests are broad, I focus on the treatment of depression, the integration of psychotherapeutic approaches into medication management, and the Collaborative Care model of psychiatry that provides consultation to primary care clinics. 

In my role as an Assistant Program Director, I work with residents as they make the transition from the hospital to the clinic. I find this to be incredibly rewarding, as this is a time in training when residents grow significantly as psychiatrists, developing their own style as clinicians and becoming more nuanced in their approaches.  My goal is to help residents through this journey, whether it ultimately leads them to continue outpatient work or takes them back to the hospital. 

Outside of work, I love to cook, spend time with my dog, and play piano. 



Stephanie Levin, M.D. 
Clinical Instructor 

Dr. Levin

I’m Stephanie Levin.

While attending the University of Michigan Psychiatry Residency Program, my family and I fell in love with Ann Arbor. After graduating, we stayed and I have been working for the Ann Arbor Veterans Healthcare System since.

I treat a variety of mental health conditions, predominantly in the outpatient clinics, including PTSD, depression, mood disorders, psychotic disorders and anxiety disorders.

I love of working with residents and serve as the Assistant Residency Program Director for the intern class. In this role I facilitate a smooth transition to the internship, assist with any issues or concerns that arise, oversee the interns’ education and provide feedback to the interns on their progress. My goal is to help interns have a successful, productive, well-balanced year and provide an environment where interns can grow and thrive. 

To broaden my own education and further help my patients, I am pursuing a fellowship in Integrative Psychiatry. I hope to bring this knowledge back to enhance the University of Michigan Residency Program.