How long will my child be in the hospital?

Length of stay is based on each patient’s individual needs. An average hospitalization is 5-7 days, but your child’s stay may be longer or shorter.

What items should I bring for my child?

It is a good idea to bring items that will make your child comfortable, such as personal pictures, stuffed animals and blankets. You should also provide 3-4 changes of clothing as well as personal care items. Please bring all items to the front desk for a staff member to check in before giving anything to your child.

What items are not allowed on the unit?

For reasons of privacy and safety, a number of items are prohibited from the unit. Before giving any item to your child, please bring it to the front desk and have a staff member check it in. After items are checked, a staff member will give them to your child.

Who can visit my child?

For privacy of the patients on the unit, we do not allow friends on the unit, and we recommend that family presence on the unit include immediate family only. At the time of admission, you will work with your child’s social worker to determine who will be allowed to visit on the unit.

Is the unit locked?

Yes. All doors to enter the unit are kept locked at all times. When you arrive to visit your child, please ring the bell at the entrance and a staff member will open the door for you.

How many patients will be on the unit?

Our unit can admit up to 14 patients at a time, ranging in age from 4 to 17 years of age.

Will my child have a private room?

The unit has both single patient and double patient rooms. Since the majority of rooms are double occupancy, your child is likely to have a roommate. We do our best to pair patients by age and level of functioning.

How do I arrange to speak to my child’s doctor directly?

You can reach your child’s attending psychiatrist by calling the nursing station at 734-936-5533. If your child’s doctor is unavailable, you can leave a message with the clerk and the doctor will promptly get back with you. Please remember, staff at the nursing station are available to speak with you 24 hours a day.

Can my child wash clothing on the unit?

Yes. A washer and dryer are on the unit for patient use. If your child has sensitive skin, we ask that you bring in your own detergent.

What if my child has additional special needs?

We coordinate with the healthcare providers responsible for your child’s specialty and routine medical care to ensure that necessary services and attention are provided while your child is on the unit. We can also consult the expertise of the network of specialists throughout the U-M Health System as needed.